As I continue in my quest of emotional self-fulfillment, I wonder what would happen if you took all the advice from “flow state” experts and mindfulness gurus, and just not take it.

What if you did… the opposite…

So that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m currently in Columbia, SC…

Remember the research psychologist with the long name I talked about in my last blog?

Well, turns out, he knows the secret to happiness.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the leading scholar in flow state theory, gave a TED talk in 2004 explaining how he developed a qualitative way to measure the unique…

Most people have a passion or hobby that invigorates them with positive feelings. While engaging in their passion, some might find that their joyous activity acts as a “first push,” propelling them into a new mental state.

A visual representation of the “flow state” in Pixar Animation’s 2020 film, Soul. Referred to as “the zone.”

While in this state, individuals become highly attentive in their work leading to greater task proficiency. There is, however, an obvious disconnect with the overall awareness of the subject while in this mental state (especially since participants frequently report gaps in time). This separate mental state is known as the flow state or simply, flow. Since individuals demonstrate positive feelings while in “flow,” there might be a use for the flow state in aiding mental health.

Qian Chang Gallo

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